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I have stopped posting on my blog as I find it easier to post on Instagram.. You can follow me on Instagram @KWTGardener

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Upcycling Garden Idea: Mediterranean Herb Box

Upcycle Mediterranean Herb Box

Upcycle Mediterranean Herb Box

We have so much junk in the garage so I decided to upcycle some of those items for my garden. First if you haven’t heard of the word upcycle, it means you basically re-purpose whatever junk you have into something useful. It is good for the environment.

Anyway, we had metal storage box in the garage that was there for years. I decided to use it for my garden.

First I re-painted the blue metal box to brown and then drilled holes for water drainage. After that, I filled the box with soil and perlite and transferred my home-grown plants into it. Finally, I put mulch on top of the soil. Continue reading

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Truffle Restaurant in Paris

Pasta with Truffle

Pasta with Truffle

I am a big fan of Truffles and everything to do with Truffles. Last Month, I went to Paris and I visited La Maison De la Truffe. A restaurant in 19, Place de la Madeline that serves in Truffle-based dishes. The restaurant was established in 1932 and it serves dishes with summer or winter Truffles or you can order some dishes without Truffle.

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Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

Tulip Fields near Keukenhof Garden

Every year Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam open from Mid March until mid May. The huge garden has hundreds of thousands of flowers, if not millions. The majority of the flowers are Tulips in amazing colors and kinds. It is a place that was on my must-see list and I finally had the opportunity to visit it in mid April. It was a WOW experience. The pictures I took didn’t do it justice. It is a beautiful place. Besides the flowers, the garden has cafes and restaurants where you can eat your lunch. Continue reading

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24 Hours in Brussels- Euro Star Experience (London-Brussels)

Eurostar (Brussels-London)

I went to Brussels twice in the past one year and a half. One time for 24 hours from London and the second time morning to night so I thought I would share my experience. I booked a standard return ticket on Eurostar online and printed the tickets at home. I took the train from London which is about 2 hours.

The train left from Pancras Station in London in the morning. With minutes, I checked in electronically and then quickly went through passport control & security. The whole process didn’t take more than 15 minutes. If I had taken the airplane, I would have to be at least two hours before at the airport for checking in and one hour car journey from the hotel to the airport. Knowing how busy London Heathrow Airport, the process of checking in, going through security & passport control would have taken more than 30 minutes. I admit I enjoyed the experience. I thought it was better than taking the airplane.

Handbags made of chocolate

This is the highlight of my day trip:

I went to Grand Place which is a famous square in Brussels. If you are a fan of flower plants and bulbs, you will see small booths with a variety of flowers, seeds and bulbs. I also ate Belgian waffles in Maison Dandoy which is considered in Brussels among the best places for Belgian Waffles. You can also take horse carriage from there.

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Earn British Airways Avios (miles) while shopping at your favorite stores: Net-a-Porter, etc.

British AirwaysWell, today I found by accident that if you are a member of British Airways Executive Club, you can earn Avios (BA miles) while shopping online at your favorite online stores. The store list includes Apple Store, Apple iTunes, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, Disney Store, Harrods, Nordstorm, etc. The list include UK and US stores. The question is Where was I??! I missed all those Miles I could have earned.  😕 


Anyway, in order to earn Avios (BA miles), you need to be a member of British Airways executive club-If you are not, go to and join. It’s free. Then log in to your executive club==> Collecting Avios => Shopping and Life Style. Click on Gate 365.  Select your online store and click start shopping. By doing that, Gate 365 will track your shopping and you should earn miles with in 40 days of the transaction.

Note: Make sure the country selected is UK or USA.

Have fun shopping!  😀

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RunQ8- A Charity Run in Marina Mall on Saturday, November 30, 2013

RunQ8There is a charity run called RunQ8 that will be in Marina Mall on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 at 9am. All proceeds will go to Non-Profit Children’s Rehabilitation Program. The distance is 10K. The registration fees for the first 300 participants is 10Kd and regular registration fees is 12 KD. You can register and pay the fees online. For more information and registration, click on the links below:


Please note that this is different from last year’s Kuwait Charity Run in which the money was used for Beit Abdullah. Kuwait Charity Run will be on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 in Marina Mall. However, they haven’t starting the registration yet. Below is their website:

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My NAUI Scuba Diver Course at FinZ Center

Finz Center

Finz Center

I have always wanted to learn how to dive but I was hesitant due to many reasons. One is that I learned how to swim 3 years ago and two I wanted a female instructor. I finally found a female instructor, Heba AlQabandi, whom I fully trusted and found the courage to sign up into NAUI Scuba Diver Course along with my sister and cousin in FinZ Center. The course consisted of lectures, exam and training in pool and seaThe certificate will let you dive up to 18 meter in depth. Continue reading

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Private Tasting at The Peacock Restaurant

Peacock Restaurant

Peacock Restaurant

I had the opportunity to experience Peacock’s delicious food before its soft opening on September 21st, 2013. If you don’t know what is peacock? It is a Chinese restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel. It had closed during the renovation of the hotel which took about 2 years. What can I say of my experience? The food was delicious just like it was back in the old days. It brought many old memories with my late father. The decor is the same but with a lovely modern twist. A private dining table was added to the area. I love the atmosphere. I tried their famous best-seller items.


  • For appetizers: Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken, BBQ Peking duck, Deep fried prawn on toast, vegetable spring rolls, and chicken wings with hot garlic sauce.
  • Main Course: Beef with black pepper sauce, Hamour Szchuan, Chicken Sweet & Sour, mixed noodles singaporean style.
  • For dessert: Banana fritters with ice cream and fresh fruit platter.



They have started accepting reservations. Here is their number: 25673000. The restaurant is located in Radisson Blu Hotel. Their official opening will happen in November, 2013. Hurry up and book your table as of now, next week is fully booked.  🙂

Here is some of the pictures that I took of the restaurant. Enjoy:


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