My NAUI Scuba Diver Course at FinZ Center

Finz Center

Finz Center

I have always wanted to learn how to dive but I was hesitant due to many reasons. One is that I learned how to swim 3 years ago and two I wanted a female instructor. I finally found a female instructor, Heba AlQabandi, whom I fully trusted and found the courage to sign up into NAUI Scuba Diver Course along with my sister and cousin in FinZ Center. The course consisted of lectures, exam and training in pool and seaThe certificate will let you dive up to 18 meter in depth.

Me doing the OK Signal underwater

Me doing the OK Signal underwater

  • The theory: We did the theory part for 3-3.5 hours over 2 days. We were basically watching videos explaining the science behind diving and the safety measures you have to take while diving. Additionally, our instructor explained thoroughly the safety measures in case we didn’t pay attention the first time. A book and video CD with the same information were provided.
  • Exam: We took a multiple-choice exam of what we had learned during lecturers. Our instructor reviewed the material with us so the exam wasn’t difficult at all.
  • Pool Session: We were told the pool sessions could be for 3-4 hours for 1 day or 2 days depending on how fast we acquired the necessarily skills needed for diving at entry level. We had to swim for a couple of laps and float for 10 minutes. After that, our instructor explained how to assemble the diving equipment and what each equipment was used for. After assembling the equipment, we put them on our backs and dove in the pool. We had to learn the breathing techniques, etc. Since we did very well, we didn’t have to spend another day in the pool.
  • Sea Sessions: We had four dives left to do before we gained our certificate. We did them over two days (weekend). Two dives each day. We went to Kubbar Island for the four dives. Each dive lasted about 20 minutes. We applied in the sea all the skills we learned during the pool session. It was a bit scary as the underwater visibility wasn’t great but at the end it all turned out great. 😛

I totally recommend everyone to sign up to the course. There are male and female instructors at the FinZ Center. If you are a female and want a female instructor.,Heba AlQabandi is the best. She will take care good of you and let you overcome your fears about diving.

A little info about FinZ Center: It was established in 2006. The Center provides NAUI and PADI diving courses from beginners to advance courses.  NAUI and PADI are considered the largest two diving associations in the world. All of the diving instructors are highly-trained Kuwaitis. Until this date, they have trained more than 500 divers at different levels in Kuwait. They also arrange SCUBA diving Trips during the weekends. 🙂

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Address: Jabriah – Block 1A – street 105 – Bldg 186 – 5th Floor.

Telephone: + 965 9913 2072 & Telephone: + 965 2535 8544


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