Private Tasting at The Peacock Restaurant

Peacock Restaurant

Peacock Restaurant

I had the opportunity to experience Peacock’s delicious food before its soft opening on September 21st, 2013. If you don’t know what is peacock? It is a Chinese restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel. It had closed during the renovation of the hotel which took about 2 years. What can I say of my experience? The food was delicious just like it was back in the old days. It brought many old memories with my late father. The decor is the same but with a lovely modern twist. A private dining table was added to the area. I love the atmosphere. I tried their famous best-seller items.


  • For appetizers: Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken, BBQ Peking duck, Deep fried prawn on toast, vegetable spring rolls, and chicken wings with hot garlic sauce.
  • Main Course: Beef with black pepper sauce, Hamour Szchuan, Chicken Sweet & Sour, mixed noodles singaporean style.
  • For dessert: Banana fritters with ice cream and fresh fruit platter.



They have started accepting reservations. Here is their number: 25673000. The restaurant is located in Radisson Blu Hotel. Their official opening will happen in November, 2013. Hurry up and book your table as of now, next week is fully booked.  🙂

Here is some of the pictures that I took of the restaurant. Enjoy:


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