Turkey Trip

I visited Istanbul & Bursa in Turkey July 2011. Here are the places you must visit:

  • Take a boat ride in Eminonu in Istanbul: Loved the boat ride. It was relaxing.
  • Spice Bazar in Istanbul: Bought some nice spices and tea leaves.
  • Isntinye Park Mall in Istanbul: Great for shopping.
  • Sultan Ahmad Mosque in Istanbul: You must check it. Look at the ceiling.
  • Hagia Sophia in Istanbul: Must see.
  • Ortakoy in Istanbul: Enjoying the scenery while eating a very delicious baked potato.
  • Chamlica Park in Istanbul: Nice view of Istanbul from the top.
  • Ulus Park in Istanbul: Lovely view while drinking Turkish Coffee
  • Pierre Loti in Istanbul: Loved the view while drinking Turkish Coffee.
  • Istiklal Street in Istanbul: Very long street.. so many shops.
  • Nisantasi in Istanbul: Shopping & nice cafes.
  • Uludag Mountains in Bursa: We grilled fresh meat in the forrest.
  • Historic 600 year old Tree in Bursa: Ate yummy berries while looking at the historic tree.

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