Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

Tulip Fields near Keukenhof Garden

Every year Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam open from Mid March until mid May. The huge garden has hundreds of thousands of flowers, if not millions. The majority of the flowers are Tulips in amazing colors and kinds. It is a place that was on my must-see list and I finally had the opportunity to visit it in mid April. It was a WOW experience. The pictures I took didn’t do it justice. It is a beautiful place. Besides the flowers, the garden has cafes and restaurants where you can eat your lunch.

Collage of Keukenhof Garden

How can you visit it? If you want public transportation, buses from Schipol Airport leave directly to the garden daily from mid March to Mid May. However, if you are staying in the city, I suggest buying a tour bus ticket from any of the tourist agencies in the Amsterdam. I actually bought mine from which had a combined tour bus ticket of visit to Tulip fields and Keukenhom Garden. Since Mid April was the best place to visit the garden as most of the Tulip would be blooming and I was only going to stay in Amsterdam for 48hrs, I was afraid that the tour buses would have been fully booked by the time I arrived in Amsterdam. It turned out I was right after all so good thing, I had booked my tickets earlier. However, If I had the opportunity to visit the garden again, I would buy a tour bus ticket for Keukenhof Gardens alone as it turned out there were Tulip fields surrounding the garden where you could rent a bicycle and roam the area. That would be my future Plan!

Keukenhof Boat Trip

Keukenhof Boat Trip

Anyway, I walked in the garden and took hundreds of pictures. There were indoor gardens which I found enjoyable as you can get ideas for flower arrangements, etc. There were also many souvenir shops. There is also a boat trip to the surrounding Tulip fields. I bought the ticket and took a 45 minute boat trip that went around the garden which I was found was okay. I wouldn’t recommend it as you will be at river-level and the flowers will be at higher level than you are. I took that picture while standing.

Anyway, if you ever happen to be in Western Europe from Mid March to Mid May, buy a train ticket and visit the Keukenhof Garden. I left from Paris and went to Amsterdam, just so I can visit the Keukenhof Garden. It was so worth it and more. I wish I had more time to spend inside. I actually spent 3.5 hrs and I only finished half of it. You can see more pictures below. Please remember the pictures didn’t do justice to the place. It was more beautiful than the pictures I took. Enjoy! 🙂

Note: Before you make plans to visit the garden, visit their website to see whether it is open as every year the exact date changes.





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