Earn British Airways Avios (miles) while shopping at your favorite stores: Net-a-Porter, etc.

British AirwaysWell, today I found by accident that if you are a member of British Airways Executive Club, you can earn Avios (BA miles) while shopping online at your favorite online stores. The store list includes Apple Store, Apple iTunes, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter, Disney Store, Harrods, Nordstorm, etc. The list include UK and US stores. The question is Where was I??! I missed all those Miles I could have earned.  😕 


Anyway, in order to earn Avios (BA miles), you need to be a member of British Airways executive club-If you are not, go to BA.com and join. It’s free. Then log in to your executive club==> Collecting Avios => Shopping and Life Style. Click on Gate 365.  Select your online store and click start shopping. By doing that, Gate 365 will track your shopping and you should earn miles with in 40 days of the transaction.

Note: Make sure the country selected is UK or USA.

Have fun shopping!  😀

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