Malaysia Trip: Kuala Lumpur Orchid & Hibiscus Garden (Day 1 Part 3)

Hibiscus flower is a symbol of Malaysia

On the same day we visited Kuala Lumpur Butterfly park & the Birds park, we went to Orchid & Hibiscus Garden. It’s right in front of the birds park. You just cross one street and you will see it front of you. It was GREEN and peaceful. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit humid so we couldn’t explore the garden throughly but the areas I walked around were BEAUTIFUL. You really can’t have enough of green. Btw, Hibiscus is called كركديه in Arabic and it has lot of medicinal benefits. It’s also a symbol of Malaysia. I really enjoyed walking in the park. If you are going to visit the Birds park, I suggest you check it out as well ’cause it is right in front of it. But would I bother to visit it alone? I’m not so sure. It’s certainly BEAUTIFUL and GREEN. You can have a looong quiet walk in there to relax & look at beautiful colorful flowers.

You can view more pictures below

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