Malaysia Trip: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park (Day 1 Part 2)

Peacocks are walking around. Very cool to observe them up-close.

After I visited the Butterfly park, our tour took us  to Kuala Lumpur Bird park. It’s one of the largest walk-in bird parks in the world and it’s home to more than 3000 birds of 200 different bird species. It’s divided to zones. It’s definitely worth to visit. Kids and Adults are going to have fun. I was amazed at how bad I was at recognizing birds. I confused Emus with Ostriches and I didn’t even know peacocks are male and the female version of peacocks look different. There was a bird show which I enjoyed. The parrots did some counting and tricks. I saw birds live & up-close that I used to see on Discovery Channel. I also had my pictures taken while beautiful colorful parrots were standing on my arms. I also fed Emus which at first I thought were Ostriches.  If I had the change to visit Kuala Lumpur, I would definitely visit the park again.

This the female of Peacock called "Peahen"Flamingos at the park



This is how the “female” version of Peacocks look like. They look totally different but as beautiful.






Flamingos at the park


There were many beautiful Pink Flamingos at the park. They’re one of my most favorite birds in the world. I always thought their pink color was fascinating.




The Parrot is doing some tricks


If you are with kids, I suggest you catch their birds show. Kids will enjoy it.





Enjoy more pictures of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. 🙂

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