Morocco Trip: Food & Restaurants in Casablanca & Marrakech

View of the tables in La Fibule in Casablanca

Today’s post is about the food in in Casablanca & Marrakech. I love Moroccan Food but the food in there didn’t meet my expectation. I went to several popular restaurants but the food was mostly average. I felt the food lacked proper spices. Maybe, I am used to fusion cuisine where they mix Moroccan spices with other Middle Eastern spices. In every restaurant I went to, Tajin Meat with Black Plums (طاجن لحم بالبرقوق) was the best dish we ordered. Moreover, wherever restaurant we went to, the meat was always tender & soft. Even though the food was kind of disappointing to me, the design & decoration of each restaurant were truly fascinating. The walls were carved and colored by hands. You can feel that you are in Morocco. Considering,  Kuwaitis love having their pictures taken & posting them on BB, Facebook, instagram, etc. You will never be disappointed. You will have your share of photo sessions like I did.  😛

Shots of Al-Mounia Restaurant in Casablanca

Anyway, the first Moroccan restaurant we went to was Al-Mounia in Casablanca. The atmosphere and the interior design were great. I loved them. When I got in, I really felt I was in Morocco. They have indoor and outdoor areas. We arrived for dinner so they were only serving indoors. I am not sure when do they open the outdoors area. Good thing we arrived around 7pm because at 9pm the restaurant was FULL. So if you plan to have a late dinner, you might want to reserve a table before going there. We ordered several dishes. Some were good and some were average. And Ladies, prepare your cameras to have photo sessions indoors & outdoors.  😛

Shots of Al-Mounia Restaurant in Casablanca


This is Al-Mounia’s Address in Casablanca:

95, Rue Du Prince Moulay Abdellah

Tel: 05 22 22 26 69



Amazing view of La Fibule Restaurant in Casablanca

The second Moroccan restaurant I went to in Casablanca was La Fibule. The view of the restaurant as you can see in the two pictures (first & third) is truly beautiful.  Great for photo sessions indoors & outdoors. You know,  you can give “a far way look” at the sea… like you don’t know someone is taking your picture & then post it on your BB or FB lol 😛 Anyways, the food was average. I believe there is a seafood restaurant called La Mer right next to it that is supposed to be good but we never went to it.

This is the address of La Fibule in Casablanca:

Blvd de la Corniche, Phare El-Hank, Tel: 05 22 36 06 41

Moroccan Restaurant in Marrakech. I forgot its name.

In Marrakech, our driver took us to a Moroccan restaurant. Unfortunately I don’t remember its name. The interior design was really nice but the food was average. We also went to Cafe De La Poste & La Arabe Cafe. The food was delicious in Cafe De La Poste but I didn’t like it at La Arabe Cafe. Finally we went to the highly rated french restaurant called Bo-Zin. The food was good.


Tchaba, designer Tea brand

Did you know the Tchaba the designer tea brand was actually Moroccan? They also have a store in Dubai. I visited their main  & only store in Marrakech. It’s located in Résidence Atlas at Mr Amine El Baroudi Avenue Mohammed VI

The entrance of the Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech. Forgot its name.


Overall, Even though I love Moroccan food, I can say the food was mostly average but in every Moroccan restaurant we went to the interior designer was lovely. I believe everyone is worth a visit for the photo sessions purposes so ladies, prepare your poses & cameras lol  😛





 So who wants a Taxi?  😛

😛 منو فيكم يبي طاكسي؟

 Going to post more about the trip. Stay Tuned!  🙂

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2 Responses to Morocco Trip: Food & Restaurants in Casablanca & Marrakech

  1. wow mashallah ! seems that you had a wonderful trip !! I wish I cold visit Morocco this year ! beautiful photos ! how many days are enough for Marrakech ?

    • DM says:

      Thanks. 🙂 It really depends on which places you want to visit. I went there 8 nights. First three nights at Casablanca, then four nights at Marrakech and then back one night at Casablanca. If I’d visit again, I would definitely stay more at Marrakech and have full 2 days at Casablanca. There isn’t much to do at Casablanca except old souks, one large mosque & a mall. Leave Casablanca at the end so you can buy the Moroccan stuff as they are cheaper and have more variety. Casablanca is considered a business place whereas Marrakech is a tourist place. When I was in Marrakech, I went to Ourkia river & palmeraie. I will be posting the pictures next week inshallah. If I had more time, I would have visited oukaimeden, Ifrane & Ouzoud waterfalls. All can be reached from Marrakech. During our flight back, I met a co-worker who was traveling with her friends/family.. Anyways, their group went to Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Meknas, Ouzoud Waterfalls and Ifrane. Besides Marrakech & Casablanca, they told me Ifrane and Ouzoud waterfalls are worth a visit. By the way, the best time to visit Morocco is in Spring which is between March and April. I thought what I saw was GREEN. everyone there told me it would be EVEN greener & more beautiful than what we saw. If you are planning to go, prepare yourself to be bewitched. المغرب ميزيانة بالزف 😛

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