Morocco Trip: Ourika River

Ourika River in Marrakech

When I was in Marrakech, we took 1.5 hour car trip to Ourika River (نهر اوريكا). The view was beautiful. Atlas mountain tops were filled with snow & it was cold. I enjoyed breathing the clean air. Honestly, when I planned to visit Morocco, I expected to see deserts Not Green scenery and mountain tops of snows so it was a wonderful surprise 🙂



Ourika Valley in Marrakech

Anyway on the way up, we saw Berber people with their traditional dressings. At the side of the road, they were selling Berber carpets and stones. I bought two Amethyst stones which later turned out to be painted purple and pink . 🙁  Water made the color seep through. Buy the original stone that comes from their mountains which is white Amethyst. At one stop (see right picture), I rode a camel for a few minutes. It was kind of scary as there was no fence on the side of the road to protect me from being plunged into the valley.   😕

Enjoying a Traditional Moroccan Tea at Ourika Valley

Later, we continued our journey up the mountain to enjoy more of the beautiful scenery. We stopped at a restaurant to relax and drink traditional Moroccan Tea. The air was refreshing and pure. On our way down, we stopped at a village store which sells pure Argan Oil and cosmetics made from Argan Oil. Argan trees are only found in Morocco. They showed us how Berber people extract the oil from Argan nuts and explained its health & comsmetic benefits. Ladies, Argan Oil is supposed to be the next best hit for hair, face & body skin. My next post inshallah will be about Argan Oil and its benefits so stayed Tuned.  🙂

Ourika River in Marrakech

I really wish we had continued our journey up to the top of Oukaimeden mountains  (جبال اوكيمدن) where the ski resorts were. I really wanted to try to do some skiing but our driver was afraid the roads would be slippery as it was raining continually for two days.




Yep, Time to pose for a picture. Say Cheese! That’s ME on the bridge!  😎

That's ME on the bridge. Ourika River in Marrakech

Going to post more about the trip so stay tuned!   🙂

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