Malaysia Trip:Kuala Lumpur Agricultural Heritage Park (Day 5 Part 2)

Pineapple Plants

After we went to Putrajaya, we stopped at Agricultural Heritage Park to view Malaysian agricultural products. It was fun looking at different kinds of trees and plants such as pineapple, Rose Apple, Black Pepper, Cocoa, Coffee, Dragon Fruit, Palm trees, Rubber Trees, etc. Our tour guide arranged for us a gulf cart as the weather was sunny and hot. The tour was educational and entertaining. I highly recommend visiting the park.  Enjoy the pictures below:

Our tour guide was showing us Water Apples

Water Apple Tree: They kept the tree short so it can be get easier to pick off the fruit

Pineapple Plants:It takes 9 months to grow Pineapple. They cut off the crown and plant it

Pineapple Plants: This is my first time ever seeing a Pineapple plant. Very interesting and Beautiful

Black Pepper Plant

Black Peppers. First they turn green then slowly they turn to black

Dragon Fruit Plants

Dragon Fruit: they become Red when the fruit is ready for pick off

Jackfruit Tree


Cocoa Tree: This is where they get the Cocoa beans to make Chocolate

Coffee Tree: Where do you get your coffee from? This plant

Cinnamon: From this tree we get our Cinnamon

Rice Plants: We can't live without Rice

Ginger Plant: Ginger is the roots of this plant. Malaysians use every part of this plant (roots, leaves and flowers)

Pulasan Plant: This fruit becomes red when it is ready for pick off

Durian: This is one Huge scary looking Fruit. I don't know why it reminds me of Dinosaurs! 😛

Palm Tree: This is where they get Palm Oil. Malaysia is the second largest producer of Palm Oil

Coconut Tree: There are two varieties of Coconut Tree, Orange & Green

Coconut Tree




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