Cooking Tip: How to make your steaks tender?

I had always wondered why when I cooked steaks at home, they were not as tender as the ones I ate at the restaurants. It turns out restaurants tenderize the meat with Kiwi Juice or Papaya Juice. Why? Because Kiwi & Papaya have an enzyme called actinidin that breaks down the proteins in the meat.

Now, I never cook meat or chicken unless I marinade the meat/chicken one night before with Kiwi Juice. To make my life easier, I buy lots of raw Kiwi fruit to make Kiwi juice and then pour Kiwi Juice in a Ice-cube tray. Then I put the tray in freezer. Once its frozen, I transfer the frozen Kiwi Juice cubes into a plastic bag and put it back in the freezer. Whenever I want to cook, I just drop one cube or two in the marinade sauce. Will the taste be affected? No, your meat won’t taste like Kiwi. I just use Kiwi as meat tenderizer and it works with meat and chicken. Try it out…

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