Tomato Plants (Day 20)

Day 1

It’s hard to believe that my plants grew so quickly with in 20 days.  I find it fascinating how quickly they grew from a seed in to nice plants. سبحان الله

I am using the lights from my aerogarden units to grow plants from seeds. I removed the aerogarden bowl so I can put ‘starter seeds’ trays that I bought Ace Harware under the light.

Day 20


Now twenty days later, they’ve grown into small plants. ما شاء الله

I’ve transplanted them into bigger pots. I am in the process of ‘hardening the plants’. Hardening is when you expose your plants to outside elements. Because they lived inside the house, they are not used to wind, sunlight, hot weather, etc so in order NOT to shock your plants, you need to expose them to outside weather gradually. First you start with one hour outside, then the next day you leave them for two hours. You add one hour a day until they are left during the daylight. Once they have gotten used to the outside weather, you transplant them in MUCH larger pots and leave them in their new environment. The hardening process usually takes on average 7-10 days. It’s important process especially for our weather.

I really don’t know why I like to grow Tomatoes even though I don’t like eating them. Last year I only grew Cherry Tomatoes but this year I decided to do both, regular and cherry. Currently, I am growing different types of Tomatoes. Btw, all my seeds are bought from Thompson & Morgan Here is my list:

  • Tomato Berry F1 Hybrid
  • Tomato Shirley F1 Hybrid
  • Tomato Country Taste F1 Hybrid
  • Tomato Harlequin F1 Hybrid
  • Tomato Totem F1 Hybrid
  • Tomato Maskotka
  • Tomato Juliet
  • Tomato  Tumbling Tom Red
  • Tomato Vilma
  • Tomato Italian Pomodoro (2 kinds)
  • Tomato Black Cherry
  • Tomato Tigerlla (Mr. Stripey)
  • Tomato Gardener’s Delight.

Below you can see pictures of last year’s Tomato Plants.

Last Year's Cherry Tomato Plants


Last Year's Cherry Tomato Plants

Last Year's Cherry Tomato Plants

Last Year's Cherry Tomato Plants

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