Incredible View at Raffles Creamery Cafe in Makkah

The View of The Creamery at Raffles Makkah Palace Hotel

I went to Mecca during the weekend to perform Omra. Inshallah الله يتقبلها مني

If you are going to Mecca these coming days or in a month or two when the weather is cool, I suggest visiting Raffles Creamery Cafe at Raffles Makkah Palace Hotel. It has an incredible view of Haram. They have indoors and outdoors seating area. The view of outdoors seating area is amazing. The cafe is located in the main floor where the lobby is and it opens at 4pm until 1am.

If you are going to planning to go, enter Waqf King Abdelaziz through the main door, take the elevators on the right side to P11 floor and then enter the lobby of Raffles Makkah Palace hotel. The cafe should be on the right side of hotel.  The view at night is incredible (see picture) so pray your Isha prayer at haram and then drink your coffee or have a quick snack there. Really worth it! While you are at it, don’t forget to pray for me. 🙂

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  1. Rasha says:

    special thankx to your sis who told u about it ;p

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